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July 29th

My friend Chu told me that she couldn't do the can-I-can't-I thing with me again. She couldn't work with me if I was going to be wrestling about whether I was capable of what I was fully equipped to do. And at the time I laughed but it wasn't really funny.

The will they won't they dynamic is much cuter when it is in a steamy romance novel or a beloved tv show. It is not as cool when you are working to have your own company and you keep struggling to fly it. It's not that you haven't piloted other people's dreams. You have plenty of hours in the sky. But now it's your plane. Your business. And there is just something different about it being yours.

I don't want to mess it up so I fly then stop. Fly then stop. It has been a bumpy ride. It will continue to be. But Chu is right. I can fly.

"I can't let nobody hold me down

This is my life and that's my sky

I was born to fly"


The wrestling can cease.

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