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Cast  & Production Team

Cast Members

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Rochelle McConico

Rochelle McConico aka Rochelle The Comic is a member of the multi-talented No Lye Comedy collective. She has performed in the Dallas Comedy Festival, LA’s Diversity in Comedy Festival, and New Orleans’ own Infringe Fest and Black Girl Giggles Festival. She is a stand-up comedian, improviser, writer and actress. She performs sometimes as herself or as her alter ego Stangela Angela Hemsworth Kingsley Winthrop Farrouk Adams III who has sisters. You can find her in a coffee house using up their free WiFi or binge watching old NCIS: LA episodes.  

Ashleigh  Branch

New Orleans native Ashleigh Branch, is a creative with a focus on the funny. Though she writes, does voice acting and a podcast; stand-up is what’s she’s known for. As a wife, mother and elementary school teacher; the material comes easy. Ashleigh first tried her hand in stand-up at the very popular and longest running open mic in New Orleans, Carrollton Station. She also does improv, sketch and plays. She enjoys making people laugh. We all could use a good one!

Carrie Moulder

With a communications career spanning two decades, Carrie Moulder is an experienced writer, graphic designer, project manager, and strategist dedicated to building, enhancing, extending, and protecting organizational brands. She also loves learning, producing, performing, and facilitating all forms of comedy. She co-produces the all-female podcast Neon Clubhouse, performs with improv troupe Killjoy Associates, guests with other improv and sketch shows, and volunteers with Funny Bones Improv. Originally from Texas but deeply grateful for her 20-plus years in New Orleans, she prefers sunsets over sunrises, loves ice cream, will play a board game at a moment’s notice, and doesn’t care what she looks like when she dances (because she’s doing it anyway).

Ariel Lucius

Ariel Lucius was born and raised in the heart of New Orleans. She was tested for talented in theatre in 3rd grade and has been studying acting ever since. She graduated valedictorian of Dillard University in 2015 with her bachelor of arts in theatre performance. Since then, she has done numerous stage plays, tv shows, and movies, some of which include: the award winning "In The Red and Brown Water," NCIS: New Orleans, Queen Sugar, and Rodeo and Juliet. Ariel is humbled to be working with such talented people, and can’t wait to bring a little joy to the world, especially right now.

Rhonda Anne

Rhonda Anne is an upcoming actress born and raised in New Orleans. She loves comedy and got started her acting journey with improv studying from different teachers which lead to acting classes from veterans such as Jim Gleason, Lance Nicholls and other coaches around the city. She has performed, hosted, and acted in different improv, sketch, and comedy shows around the city. In 2019 her and the collective she is a part of called No Lye Comedy were invited to perform in the Los Angeles diversity comedy festival. She has worked on several tv shows such as Claws, NCIS, Queen Sugar and more. She has also worked on movies such as Girls trip, Project power, and a couple others and was recently featured in the movie Queen & Slim. She is excited to keep learning more about the industry and growing her career to its full potential.

Nita Cherise

Nita Cherise will be taking on the role of Adria, a political "fixer" who has found herself as a movie director. Her inspiration has always been her life growing up as a sheltered, home-schooled preacher’s daughter as well as her current situation as a wife and mother. Over time, she linked up with the ladies of the No Lye Comedy Collective made up of Black, femme comedians, and performers who can be seen in and around New Orleans. 
In addition to performing stand-up, improv, and sketch, Nita can also be seen as “Vivian/ Anita” in A God Called Bitch, a one-act play written and directed by Candace Robertson, which debuted at Infringe Fest 2020. She also played “Shand” in Stangela for President, written and directed by Rochelle Mcconico, featured in Infringe Fest 2019. She is also a voice actor who can be heard narrating the award-winning short August, directed by Caitlyn Greene as well as co-host of “Rappin Atlanta”, a podcast that recaps episodes of Donald Glover’s FX show “ATLANTA”.

Saya Meads


Don't tell Stangela, but she's not really the center of our upcoming production. That would be Shand, and she's amazingly played by Saya Meads. That would be Shand, and she's amazingly played by Saya Meads. In typical Shand fashion, here's what Saya had to say about herself! "All the world's a stage, and performing is what I've always done. It wasn't until high school, on a random day I found myself outside the theater staring at a sign up form for an open mic that I thought, 'Imma start charging hoes for this.' And I haven't looked back since."

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