About Us

MoonCricket Productions, LLC is a live entertainment and production company that creates immersive, thought-provoking #BlackJoy events. Created to tell stories that span across the Black experience, MCP is  unapologetically Black. Birthed from Black minds and dedicated to Black representation in all aspects of production, MoonCricket Productions represents the irrepressible spirit of joy, creativity and resilience that infuses the Black experience.

Reason for being

To create immersive, participatory experiences for audiences through live, streamed and televised productions that use humor to grapple with larger societal issues such as race, politics and identity.  


  1. We entertain and engage.

  2. We champion diverse voices. 

  3. We say the hard thing.

  4. We laugh. 

  5. We cry. 

  6. We build.

  7. We rise.

our approach

  • We support artists through collaboration such that they can see their artistic visions come to life.

  • We partner with businesses that positively impact the Black community including vendors, contractors and organizations that support - through measurable action - Black business, enterprise, culture and art.

  • We create the feeling of a metaphorical fun house 

  • We champion Black joy!